Round Britain and Ireland Challenge Offshore Yacht Race - 2005


In October 2005 I took part in the Round Britain and Ireland Challenge offshore yacht race as part of Team Samsung.

It was a fantastic experience - racing against four other identifcl 72 foot yachts in everything from flat calm to Gale Force 9.

This is a brief record of that voyage.

Photos / Videa
  - Photographs on Flickr
  - Photographs by me and the rest of the crew
  - Video (short clips loaded on Vimeo)

Google Earth
  - Courses sailed by all teams (21k)
  - High detail Samsung course (400k)
    [right click and select "save file as"]

 Team Song!
  - Tubthumping by Chumbawanba (MP3 - 4mb)

The Book......
  - See the book of the race on Blurb
  - Video of the book!!!!!


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